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Saturday, 16 June 2007

Labour Deputy Leadership Question Time

Thursday evening was a most interesting one. I though Joe Cruddas came out of it rather well, as did Hazel Blears. Harriet Harman looked like a complete twat to me, desperate to be the centre of attention at all times and generally being a dick. Same went for Dimbleby actually, desperate to impose himself rather than allowing the discussion to be central.

i didn't think proper issues were well enough addressed, too many broad, stupid and easily avoided questions.

i wanted to ask gritty questions about proper issues, not going on about Iraq, speed cameras, the differences between being 'in power' and 'in office'

i've definately decided the order of the candidates now though, and it is as follows:
(no one)

now i need to find out how to get people to read my blog.....

1 comment:

andyc510 said...

Offer them free beer? *hopeful* ;-)