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Saturday, 8 May 2010

blogger startled as internet comment post is found to be sensible and balanced


I wouldn't want to be Clegg. He finds himself wielding power with no mandate for it, which tends to slaughter his own sacred cows of electoral reform. If he chooses to prop up the Tories with just over a third of the vote, not only would the same principle be compromised, but he'd forever taint the Libdems as closet rightwingers who helped the hated Tories gain power after gaining tactical votes from those who wanted to keep them out.

If he worked with Labour, the democratic principle is once again compromised, but at least his progressive credentials remain intact, and he retains the possibility of future support from progressives. This might be his better option of the two, siince he could reasonably claim that the progressive vote outweighed the Conservative one, and that's what shaped his decision.

Realistically, he might be better refusing to work with either side. Whichever side he props up has no mandate, and he'll share in their fragility and in all likelihood get the public order of the boot next time around, along with the losing side he assisted."

good work that poster. think i need a lay down


Rana said...

Was there a missing link there?

Anyway, a quick overall comment on recent happenings and your recent postings:

1. I agree with you, the Tories "won" so however unpleasant their history and policies they should have the opportunity to govern

2. Taking his word at promises to govern for the nation and not for self-interest, Cameron should act as PM while recognising that over 50% of the electorate wanted a more progressive more liberal option. Fat chance, the true tories will now come out of the woodwork.

3. Ideally every vote should count. PR. If 5% of the voters are racist xenophoboes then i'd rather see that reflected in BNP and UKIP seats rather than hidden in the governing tory party.

Bearded Socialist said...

link found.

1) yep
2) do you think that because of the lack of an overall majority?
there's some interesting theories surrounding whether a large or small tory majority will lead to the right of their party having more power
3)i agree. the thing with democracy is that some smaller parties which i won't be able to stand will get seats, but fair enough if that's what people vote for

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