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Monday, 27 July 2009

Economy in good hands?

"Nigel Lawson, who has been advising the shadow chancellor, George Osborne,"
Lawson, hardly an unqualified success as chancellor. Has a bubble named after him for his mismanagement of the economy. Doesn't believe in climate change, in fact has made a good few quid out of his refusal to believe in climate change.

Yes, he, has "urged the Tories to introduce an emergency budget within 40 days of coming to power, to outline swingeing cuts."
Nice one, looking forward to that. bloody ell.

Cancer risk cut

Masturbation 'cuts cancer risk'.
Says it all really

Gay in the army

A good news story for today.
The military forces have apparently done very well in making the military a gay(/lesbian/etc)-friendly place for all to be.
Good on them.
You know when you're really accepted when there are dating sites aimed at you, like and others

Daily Mail bollocks comment of the day

I should really start: oh ho ho ho ho ho, ah ha ha ha ha ha like the laughing policeman.
Ah, the poor, downtrodden middle classes. These defenceless darlings, at mercy to the lefty-conspiracy currently forced on the country by those evil politicians, defrauding the good middle-classes of all their hard earned cash, given to the rich, the poor, "the indolent, whose access to benefits and other state handouts has never been greater."
Those 'ravaged' by one stealth tax after another.
Any serious points, be they about direct/indirect taxation, overall tax take, spending, are blown out of the water by the usual Daily Mail nimby crap. Not forgetting of course to add a bit about "Labour's policy of uncontrolled migration."
Usual bollocks.

It looks like everyone is going to suffer in the coming years, and everyone needs to feel the pain. I'd rather the money was made up by tax rises primarily, rather than massive cuts. In which case everyone has to pay. Even me, being middle class that is.
Typical that Labour are seen (by me and others) as being too close to the Daily Mail, fat lot of good that's ever done us.
The Mail see everything as a socialist conspiracy against the middle-classes. Just goes to show the real power of dogma and belief

Friday, 24 July 2009

Chole Smith MP

The newest MP in the land. Very good piece on her from Socialist Unity:
"The interesting thing about the massive win for the Conservative Party in the Norwich by-election, is the nature of the victorious Tory candidate.

She is a 27 year old woman who has essentially worked up until now mainly for the Conservative Party.

The BBC explains that she has been on secondment to the Conservative Party’s central office - she describes her work there as bringing her business skills to help the party “draw up detailed plans to put our policies into practice”.

What a sad day when the party that used to be filled to the gunnels with the captains of British industry needs to turn to the “business skills” of someone with just a few months experience in a management consultancy behind them to draw up their detailed policy plans.

And in a by-election overshadowed by the MPs’ expenses row, her Lib Dem rivals accused her of playing down her links with Tory frontbencher James Clappison, who paid back £3,100 claimed for gardening. The official register of MPs’ interests lists her as one of his staff.

She has also had Westminster connections for some time - saying on her website she “got into politics when I left school” by working, in her Gap year, for Gillian Shephard, the former Conservative education secretary whom she describes as a “real mentor”. She also worked for former Conservative vice chairman Bernard Jenkin.

There is a new category of hapless career politician, with negligible skills, and no ideology, who simply see it as a good job, very well paid considering their meagre talents and lack of experience. They gravitate towards which ever party seems most likely to get them elected, and parrot whatever the on-message sound-bites they are given to say.

The Tories are not alone, the same breed infest the Labour Party as well."

Internet poster in 'saying something sensible' shock

Good work:
BishopBurt's profile picture BishopBurt

24 Jul 09, 1:14pm (about 1 hour ago)

People have such short memories. I'm 31, but I can still remember well that depressing years of Tory control, year on year cuts in teachers and nurses' pay, dismantling industry and w/c jobs, inflating the economy with cheap credit .... the British people seem like they're ready to vote the tories in, but surely you've only got to take a quick look at them to realise they don't have a clue what they stand for, and within a week of their election Britain will lose its international credibility.

It is the height of simple-mindedness to blame GB for everything wrong with this country, but day in day out the media encourage this view. The view that GB has all the levers of their personal lives under his direct control (and he should be thus blamed for anything they're not happy about) beggars belief! Wake Up!

Norwich by-election

Really enjoyed this piece by Nick Robinson:
"Conservatives: "It's a historic victory. Norwich has voted for change. It's time the country had that chance."

Translation: "Phew. We just had to win here or people would say the wheels were coming off Project Cameron. We always knew this wasn't going to be a Crewe and Nantwich moment, but if it takes six visits by the leader to win one seat when the government's in this much trouble, how hard will it be to win the 120-odd needed for a workable majority?"

(The swing needed in Norwich - 5.8% - is less than the swing needed for the Tories to win the general election - 6.9% - and much less than the 17% they secured in Crewe.)

Labour: "This was a unique by-election which tells us nothing about the result of the next election."

Translation: "Oh, I do hope that's right - but why do voters even prefer "Gibbo" - the local MP who used his expenses to help his daughter get a cheap London flat - to Gordon Brown who acted tough and kicked him out?"

Lib Dems: "This is a truly shocking result for Labour."

Translation: "Oh no. Why don't we win by-elections any more?"

Greens: "This result proves that the Greens are real players who can challenge the big three parties."

Translation: "Boy, it's going to be hard winning without PR. Even though we won the most votes in Norwich in the Euros, and are second on the council, no-one took the idea of us winning the by-election seriously.""

Thursday, 23 July 2009

What a horrible year I've had, says Brown

What a horrible year I've had, says Brown.
Yeah, we'd noticed. It would be nice if he could have a good year at some point, but right now i'd settle for a couple of days

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Michael Foot, the legend and a great big hero of mine. What a top lad, amazing.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Knife crime strategy in the media

I was listening to the radio this morning between 7-9 as usual. During that time I heard this story headlined as a success for lowering the rate of crime, as a failure for the rising number of deaths and as having mixed results.
To me, it just shows how a headline can make a great deal of difference. The Guardian have gone for the Mail-style shock OTT headline on this, but the same story was covered three very different ways during two hours of one programme on the radio. I found that pretty interesting.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Daily Mail bollocks news story of the day

Today's Daily Mail bollocks that has amaused me, headline could be 'The foreigners are out to get you!'
Typical Mail, more to be expected over the silly season.
Best quote:
"the lure of the UK's 'enormous' state handouts to asylum-seekers was the reason why thousands of foreigners are using the French port as a staging point to get across the Channel.

Read more:"

In others news, apparently MPs have an 82-day summer holiday. Which just isn't true. Writing for the Mail seems like easy work to me, write a piece of outraged fiction and there you go. Bastards

Monday, 20 July 2009

Quote of the day

"We completely understand the public's concern about futuristic robots feeding on the human population"

Friday, 3 July 2009

Banks: have they learnt nothing?

Walked past a copy of City AM today, the headline told me that "City bankers cheer as bonuses return".
"the City is set for a return to the champagne-soaked days of old after it emerged yesterday that bankers at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are on track for bumper full-year bonuses to rival those from the pre-credit crunch (sic) compensation heyday". (City AM, Friday 3 July 2009).

Great news everyone, they have learnt nothing. The people who set the pay have learnt nothing. Or have they? Have they in fact learnt that they can get away with the huge bonuses and nothing and no-one has any power to stop them?
Next we'll hear that sub-prime mortages are the new way to a quick fortune and consumer borrowing can finance a self-sustaining boom that will last for ever. Doesn't seem to be covered in most of the papers.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Gay bashing

Typical bloody Daily Mail. This article is nothing more than gay-bashing and it's disgusting. Why should people being open with their sexuality be so disturbing?
"having spoken to many youngsters about this, I'm coming to the worrying conclusion that Katy Perry's song I Kissed A Girl...increasingly represents the experience of a generation of girls who are happy and relaxed about public, same-sex sexual experimentation."

Why is this so worrying eh? Disgusting.
Typical Daily Mail in that the author is worried about the middle and upper classes becoming infected with this relaxed approach to their sexuality.

"'We know it's the kind of thing that would shock adults, so we enjoy doing it.'

Well, there's no doubt that adults, and particularly the parents of teenage girls, will be disturbed, to say the least. "

Anything which pisses off the Daily Mail is ok by me (within reason).

People should be free to do as they wish without fear that their sexuality will be seen as 'wrong'. If they are 'experimenting' then let them.

"One church notice board carried the slogan: 'I kissed a girl - and went straight to hell."
This made my laugh out loud.


Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Watson MP over a few beers. Top bloke.

Also met Guido. Not top bloke