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Thursday, 30 April 2009

One Day Cricket

Following up a discussion I was having elsewhere

Much of Essex's success in One Day and 2020 cricket has been due to having two good spinners. In 2020 we always play a Fast bowler, alongside David Masters who is having an amazing season so far, although he is the ultimate county dibbley-dobbler.
I think the fascination with medium bits and pieces cricketers in one day cricket is a mistake. Not to be confused with quality medium-pace bowling, which is different.

So many times positive cricket wins, which is why England looses. Too often England have tried to defend their way to victory, when having a good attack that takes wickets has proved at least very useful.

Essex Vs Kent


Brown and LDV

Today’s blog

Firstly, a cracker:
“However, like all achievements in politics, our successes need to be defended from those with other priorities. David Cameron spoke over the weekend about "an age of austerity". But we need to ask - austerity for who?
While our party offers a £145 tax cut for 22 million basic rate taxpayers, the Tories talk of putting "some taxes up" and prioritising a multi-million pound inheritance tax cut for the wealthiest few.
Gordon Brown”

My second post relates to LDV falling into administration.
I'm glad I was not the only one who thought along these lines:

I'll give away my far left roots by admitting that the first thought that came to my mind was a worker take over, ideally backed by the Govt if money was otherwise unavailable.

Failing that, then the Government should step in to take over the otherwise failing business and provide it with the orders of environmentally friendly vehicles to really show that not only is the environment fluffy and lovely, it's also the source of jobs for the future. To pass this opportunity by is a real shame

Cricket Essex

Essex have Kent at 36/3! This is amazing! Having made 370!
And Chris Woakes took a wicket against West Indies. I wouldn't think he can be too far away from selection for England.

Tories to the right of Cameson

The piece above supports what I believe, which is that the Conservative Party is still some way to the right of Mr Cameron, as Labour is somewhere to the left of Brown.
In some ways I think a Cameron win may be the lesser of various evils, as a Cameron defeat would likely move the Tories even further to the right without a relatively 'left'/'compassionate' leader.
The problem for Labour, and I think politics and democracy, is that we have Brown Vs Cameron in almost presidential style, instead of the party politics which do show a real divide between divergant ideological views. Labour needs to make the point that only the dressing has changed, let's not forget that.
I have no doubt that Cameron IS to the left of some/many in his party, but they are only really happy to put up with him when he's successful. The economic crisis means the Tories will implement big cuts in their time in government, which will appease the rest of the party, but it depends on how far each goes/wishes to go as to whether he can do what he has so far succeeded at, i.e. getting the party to be very quiet while Cameron takes all the spot light

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Cricket: First Test Squad

I have to say i'm surprised about Bopara batting at three and Bresnan being picked. The rest I predicted, but to have those two has taken me by surprise.
Fair play to Flower if he thinks they the ones to do the damage. I've followed and rated Bresnan for some time, so it's good to see him get the call. I'm really glad they have loaded the bowling rather than the batting, we might even see a result at Lords, for the first time in seven.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Cricket Overseas players

I've long had a problem with the number of 'kolpac' players in English County Cricket.

Durham are playing Somerset:
with a grand total of four English-born players, with two who are born elsewhere but are/will be eligible for England.
Now the whole eligibility thing makes all this difficult, especially regarding Ireland.
I think 'over-seas' players should be anyone not qualified to play for England in their next game. Maybe some arrangement could be worked out so Scottish and Irish players could play as home-grown players, but not all these Kolpacs.
As an Essex supporter I have a vested interest in maybe non-Test nations not counting, so that Dutch, Danish etc. could play County Cricket thereby getting some of the exposure which should hopefully help them develop. Of course Ten Doeschate is ‘Dutch’ thereby getting out of this, but Grant Flower being Zimbabwean would count as foreign.

Cricket: First Test Squad

With the First Test squad to be named soon, here's my take on things:
I'd plump for
1 *Strauss
2 Cook
3 Bell
4 Pietersen
5 Collingwood
6 Prior +
7 Broad
8 Swann
9 Harmison
10 Onions
11 Anderson

The questions are numbers 3 and 10. Bell has scored some runs so is in, Onions has taken the 2nd most wickets after Anderson and has been around for a while so plays.

If only Sajid Mahmood had any kind of consistancy, he'd be close. The one thing the Australians have been vulnerable to is pace, real quick bowling. Bond has taken them apart in the past, the 2005 Ashes was won with a proper pace attack. Now we need some good pace bowling and Mahmood would be the man if he could get the ball in the same postcode twice in a day's place.

I've gone for three all-rounders in Prior, Broad and Swann to balance the side. Swann is primarily included as the best spinner ahead of Panesar who needs to convince to get back in

Friday, 24 April 2009

A budget for skills

The budget has been welcomed in some quarters for it's emphasis on getting people trained and skilled and into work.
While praise is pretty scant, that makes it easier to spot.
While there is not as much on keeping people at work, the focus on training and investment is welcome, and also significant as it recognises that Britain's future is quality competitive, not proce competitive.

The creation of jobs in anything related to energy efficiency seems to me the way to go. I would like to see lots of money going to creating worth-while, value-adding jobs in energy efficiency and and combating climate change, insulation and all that sort of thing. To me, as a socialist, I don't care whether they're in the public or private sector, as long as they exist and are done well there's lots to do there

Boris Johnson

Two things I saw in the free London papers on my way to a gig last night gave me hope. One was that I would be better off as a result of the budget.
The other is that Boris is going to launch an assault on Number 10, intending to outflank Cameron to the right and become PM himself.
He’s opposing the new tax rate and calling all Tories to do the same, which Cameron has not yet committed to.
Anyway, this will be good if it helps tear the Tories apart, making them unelectable and leaving Labour as the only party. Under the policy direction of the Bearded Socialist, who will then nationalise Southend United and plough money into them, making them the biggest team in the world at the end of the ten year plan.
Ok, gets a bit off topic, but the plan is there.

In case anyone thinks he’s got good ideas for education:
“He also waded into the issue of academic selection. He told the Spectator magazine that allowing state schools to select on academic merit was the answer “as everybody knows but dare not admit”.”!+Boris+Johnson+starts+No10+battle/

This comment on the above link amused me:
“Oh Boris! He's so funny on quiz shows and it's hilarious the way he goes 'Blah blah blah' when asked awkward questions, terribly amusing the way he has exposed Londoners to more congestion, more pollution, more traffic, more accidents, potentially millions of pounds of fines from the EU, the way his advisers keep resigning in disgrace, the habit he has of scrapping press conferences and making his office less and less accountable. Once he's ruined London he can go on to ruin the country because people seem to like to vote for bumbling, dishonest politicians who have been sacked from every job they've ever held. Except it isn't funny any more. It was predicted that Johnson would lose interest in the job once he realised it would involve actual hard work. Instead the power seems to have gone to his head. A joke, now possibly a joke on a national scale. God help us.”

Britain's National Debt

"The national debt in Britain has been relatively low by international standards. Germany, France and the United States have debt levels of around 60% of gross domestic product while Japan's is 180%. All those countries are also likely to see big rises in debt as a result of the slowdown."


Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Budget and health services

Listening to Darling defend/explain his budget, I found the implications for health interesting. Darling says that front line services will remain as they are, with "efficiency savings" i.e. cuts to come from the admin/bureaucracy bits.
Sounds fair, especially as we are always hearing about the need to cut the bureaucracy out.
Of course Mr Faceless Rent-a-quote from the Tories rubbished it and demanded huge cuts, but i just don't think big cuts in the public sector are the way forward, ESPECIALLY at the moment when the private sector is contracting

BNP and the Daily Mail

So the BNP are going politically correct.
And the Mail readers have a lot of support for Mr Griffin.
At time of writing, those posts in support of Mr Griffin have been flagged green (i.e. green), while those critical have been flagged red (i.e. bad) in every case.

for example:
"Have to agree with Mr Griffin on this. We in the UK are proud to be the 'Englishman in New York' whereas some nationalities seem to not be as proud of their heritage. Try calling yourself an 'English Arab' in Abu Dhabi and see how that goes down with the locals."
gets 9 green, while

"I dread to think which 'stock' Nick Griffin comes from!! Evil man..."
gets 10 red

I posted the following:
"As part of my job, a lawyer told me of cases where the BNP used threats of rape and violence against CHILDREN in their attempts to stop people testifying at court.
the exact phrase was "your children will come back with bits missing"
Now i try to spread this true about them whenever i can so that people know what they are like"
and I now wait to see if it gets approved

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Quick budget update

I might be wrong, but i don't think Darling addressed the problem of low capital gains tax which is taken as income but not taxed as such.
This is an area which must be addressed as it benefits the very wealthy to the cost of the nation as a whole.
Hope he sorts it

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

MPs' "holiday"

I used to work for a couple of MPs. I know that summer recess is not holiday.
It really annoys me that so many newspapers make reference to MPs having a huge great holiday in the summer. In reality, they get the same actual holiday as anyone else.
It really annoys me, as do all the people who use it when they know it's not true

Heath and safety

All should read:

I have no time at all for Quentin Letts

Proof that free markets are the best idea ever?

Erm, no.

a little background: "* The scheme lets home owners who lose their job temporarily to defer payments of capital and (most of the) interest for up to two years."

Once again 'self-regulation' is shown to be a sham, it's the usual collapse to stronger forces. It's too easy for me to rely on my dogma and call for the nationalisation of everything, including the local off-licence (x-ref Sweden), but those banks still in the private sector are refusing to sign up to the protection of those in danger of loosing their homes.
Bloody private sector and free markets. Grrr

Tory Blogs inc. who should and shouldn't be allowed to vote

Today’s blog:
There are some real gems to be had reading Tory blogs. Iain 'Gloating' Dale for example. Now i don't attribute the following to him as he did not say them, but the party to which he belongs has these people as members also:

For people voting Labour:
"the electorate rely were all living in a fools paradise."

"Much of what Peter Hitchens writes makes perfect sense."
Says it all

This is disgusting:
"I have mentioned over on The Speccie several times, that the welfare sector should not be accorded a vote. There is no sane reason why they should be having a say in how other people's money is spent.

I would give someone who loses his job - especially in these parlous times - around a year to become a producer again, then remove their name from the electoral roll."
that those in the public sector or recieving benefits should be denied the right to vote. sick

Usual Daily Mail stuff about how the Politically Correct Fascists have taken over:
"Iain likes David Cameron. I don't. I think he is false. And weak. And, like the man he is heir to, he sees his ultimate future at the top table of the EUSSR.

We need someone with the vigour, vision and tenacity to clear out this overwhelming mess of the destruction of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, and our second chamber; the destruction of our civil liberties and the imposition of thought Fascism; a police force that is out of control, trough feeders in Parliament not attending to the business of the country, the wanton destruction of our educational system, the sell-out to Europe, the obeissance to Islam - indeed, the whole Gramsciesque march through our institutions.

It's all got to be rolled back. It's going to be one hell of a task."

Just bonkers:
"However since then, times have now become critical and are becoming more so every day. The New World Order, world communism or world FASCISM, as my grandfather used to call it, is now here and has its feet firmly planted on the dining room table. While the metaphorical Panza's are already parked up in the local Tesco's Car Park.

It seems that the only conservatives that have noticed, are myself and Dr Sean Gabb.

Cameron never even mentions The New World Order, even though Gordon Brown does constantly, and seems to believe that The New World Order is the best thing since the first coming.

We can not afford another Thatcher, and we can not afford another Labour government, ever again. The Lib/Dems are a complete NO NO as they have always been the party of The New World Order, ever since it was called The Wigg Party.

Cameron evidently has the future of this country in his hands.

Therefore it is no wonder conservatives are nervous to say the least. ( personally I believe that if conservatives fully understood their true position right now, they would be unable to leave their toilet seats. )

This country in association with the USA has been set up for a very big fall of the THIRD REICH variety. In very much the same manner as Germany was during the 1930's.

History is indeed repeating itself. This time the free world, or whats left of it, is going to lose more completely and with more far reaching consequences then even Hitler did.

The German people especially German Jews, were effectively murdered and fleeced by The Zionist Roman Catholic Church and its very own world banking system. Now they are coming for us and the US, as well as possibly the rest of the worlds Jews.

I will vote Conservative, but I fear that the next time will not be the last because a better alternative will somehow magically appear.

This will be the last time, because it will in reality turn out to be the last election this country will ever have.

The next Conservative government will have effectively a world war on its hands, or something that will seem every bit as serious, and certainly more murderous.

Under these circumstances only a liar, crook or an utter fool would want to be PM of this rapidly dieing and already bankrupt country.

The only people who can save us, is US the people.

No longer can we trust our parliament ( if indeed we ever could ) to deliver us justice and liberty. We must fight for freedom, with every ounce of our being, and until our last breath leaves our lips, if required. Cameron will either be with us or against us, we will find out for sure soon enough.

Then the real 'fun' starts.

As Dr Gabb is well practiced as saying.

Conservatism has never been stronger with regards to the British people. It is the political representatives of conservatism, that have quietly exited the political stage.

We are not being presented with the best of both the left and right world. We are being FORCED, kicking and screaming, into the worst of all worlds. The sooner you yourself Iain, and other mainstream conservatives understand this, the better for us all.


Iain remember this, because people like myself surly will.

There is no point this time blaming everything on the last lot, however logical the argument my seem. The Conservative Party has been in opposition for 11 years. This while Gordon and his side kick Tony conspired to rob the people blind. Yet all Cameron and co would spout on about, despite the best efforts of the party's membership, was either GREEN or even more obvious criminally inspired establishment nonsense.

Therefore the Conservative Party leadership as well as its grandees, major contributors, and other assorted big wigs, are almost as much to blame for our current state of deliberately conspired bankruptcy, as Brown and Blair, if not more so.

Sorry one more BTW

Hitchins can not be trusted anymore then his soused bother. They are both from the same stable, and their politics is far more similar then they pretend. Both of them are in my opinion, unwitting or not, servants of the same foreign power, both authoritarians, and are both FASCISTS. They may be standing on different sides of the wicket, but they both bat for the same team.

Atlas shrugged."

More about how benefit claimants and public sector workers should not be allowed to vote. Except the army, of course:
“At April 20, 2009 10:31 PM , Verity said...
Mr Angry, the Conservative leadership is wedded to the social democrat ethos and world government. David Cameron announced that he was the heir to Blair in Parliament? Why did people, given his record, think he didn't mean it?

Anonymous 7:48. As I have mentioned on the Speccie several times, there are two segments of the population that should be disenfranchised. One is the welfare sector as mentioned heretofore. The other is the public sector.

The public sector is a little more difficult because it does include some whose labours contribute to the wealth of the country and to trade.

Sorting that out would be harder than simply disenfranching all the non-employed.

The military, for example, should obviously retain the vote. What about the police? Once I would have said yes. Now I would say "under no circumstances". By the same token, some pockets of the fire service have become too politicised - as in the service that is offering Islamic women firefighters (oh, pulleeeeeze) the opportunity to run up ladders with hoses and rescue people while wearing hijabs and burqas.

What about the NSH? Again, I would disenfranchise them (actually, I'd slash them in half, and then disenfranchise them), but these are grey areas and up for discussion.

Which is why I didn't mention the public sector in my previous post. I was going to bring it up later, if anyone showed any interest in my first proposal.

OAPs - I would accord the continued right to vote, given that those at this age now have probably worked and contributed all their lives. After that, it should be based on some formula of quarters worked.“
Crazy people

Same woman again:
“Verity said...
Anonymous 12:09 - no one said it would be easy. Details later. But the dross has to be swept out and Britain has to agree, once again, after a gap of almost 20 years, what is civilised government and what are its limitations.

This will not happen under David Cameron's leadership. of "the Tories". He is too clearly the self-declared heir to Blair, the most hideously destructive prime minister ever to occupy the office.

It was a stupid statement to make, and ordering a standing ovation for the most evil man ever to occupy the office was not just foolish, but hostile to all our country means to us.

I have said before that I don't care that David Cameron was a jerk when he was at uni. He shares that title with thousands. It is that he has an agenda that is anti-British and destructive to our ancient, very hard won with the blood of our ancestors, sovereignty.”

So many things to cover

Good work from Boris Watch:

Some good work from Polly Toynbee, though many will disagree:
Tackles tough issues such as how to raise some money and where it should go

Without doubt one of the most interesting and relevant bits of Budget analysis which, if true, supports the kind of big ol' lefty spending binge that gives me a warm feeling inside and makes me feel slightly sexy:
there was no evidence the financial markets were concerned about the level of government debt. "Market based perceptions for borrowing costs over the next decade remain below 5%. Increased borrowing in the budget would make virtually no difference to these costs," it said.

So the Budget eh?
It is imperative that the Government invests in this buget, putting money into house-building, retraining and doing all it can to create jobs. Getting people off the dole and into jobs, and keeping jobs, have got to be the priorities.
If that means more debt, then so be if (if it can be raised at a good level)
Now i've got a slightly different take on this than most people, because I am young enough to BE the generation that will have to pay all this debt off. Investment is the key, my dear boy. Companies should do it during recession, if they can get the credit, which they need to be able to. Government should invest too, in part to keep the wolves from the door and thus build up a bigger problem next time

St George

I mixed up my dates, and so forgot that St. George's day is this Thursday.
I think everyone should have a day off to celebrate our patron saint. Not so much out of my sense of national pride, as out of the desire to have a day off. St. Paddy's day is famous for the drinking of Guiness, ours should be famous for somthing.
After all, St. George was a very busy man it seems, taking time to be patron saint of Aragon, Catalonia, England, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, and Russia

as you do

Monday, 20 April 2009

A lost generation?

So the Tories are talking about a lost generation of young employed, and their usual ability to make money appear out of nowhere without causing inflation. If they could really do that they deserve to be in power, but it seems too good to be true, and it is.

So, how do we get those people into jobs? That to me is key: jobs. I am very in favour of Professor David Bell's opinion as expressed on the World At One today. I am doubtful about raising the school leaving age, for reasons of cost and capacity.
I think creating jobs for those in need is probably key, so that's where I'd like the emphasis.

Also, good to see the Lib Dems talking about cutting taxes for the worst off, with it paid for by the better off.
I'm in favour of that idea, and i still like the idea of taking those on the minimum wage out of income tax, if necessary with money raised by increasing other taxes.

Good to see the Lib Dems now taking big strides to the left, with talk of loopholes and all that. cracking. Funny how they took a stride to the right, now are back to the left. That's the joy of being the centre-ist third party.


Funny whore

This has tickled me:

But the best bit are the comments on the Mail site, all very defensive of their morally superior Tories, who could never do anything so terrible. This nasty woman has been paid by Labour to tell naughty tales about naughty Tories. The comments are more entertaining to be honest.
To me, Osbourne took coke, of course he did. Does that matter? No.
Did he sleep with a whore? Probably. Does it matter? No

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Tough Tory-ism and why I am in the Labour party (my favourite post yet probably)

Andrew Alexander here:

Gives a perfect example of why a Labour government is needed and what dangers exist if the Tories do get in. Now, while I accept that Cameron wants to paint the party as more centrist and caring than the Daily Mail, the party outside of the leadership is still much more in line with the likes of Alexander.
He starts on the premise that all public spending is bad, and all spending on health and education MUST be cut, especially anything that goes to poor people. The prime example being the need to cut public spending on buildings, because it is the poorer who suffer from poor infrastructure the most, while the richer don't need to worry.

Development spending, or international aid or whatever you want to call it is of course wrong and 'corrupting'

The EU is of course terrible and we should leave.

This is a reminder of why I am in the Labour party. Either us (Labour) or the Tories will be the government, not just in the coming election but the vast majority. The Tory party is still the party of cuts to tax and spending. The spending cuts will hit the worst-off the hardest, and this just show cases the kind of people I want to work to keep away from Government

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Should the left support a small state?

Excellent debate.
So i don't forget:

All is not lost

Despite their best efforts, I am a paid up, card carrying Labour party supporter. I stick up for them in arguements, go out on the streets, do events for them.

I was talking to my mum tonight. She's a Tory, Daily Mail and all. And she gives real credit to Labour for improving the NHS, especially waiting times. So all may not be lost.

one thing we both agree on is that smears and expenses mean that waiting times are not a story and these things just get left by the way side. If the Tories get back in, NHS funding will get slashed and the poorest will suffer. But the front page will be celebrity/sleaze or Cameron's haircut and the poor will suffer their poor, slow health care and i'll get up on my high bloody horse about why we need a Labour government

Friday, 17 April 2009

Over the top celebrity-obsessed culture

Glamour girl puts out bins:
Apparently someone putting their bins out is news-worthy because she wasn't wearing make-up.
Not that i'd expect any better from the Mail:

USA Torture

I think there are interesting (though perhaps overstated) comparisons to be made with Nazis at Nuremberg. Many defendants claimed they were following orders, but I believe that in international law that is not sufficient to be absolved of responsibility. So therefore, according to the same logic, those who engaged in this torture should face INTERNATIONAL action against them surely?
I believe Obama has stated that they won't face action, and that America doesn't recognise the international courts, but should they face action against them? I can see the arguements for and against, but i don't know the answer. Very tough

American Socialism

I took great heart when seeing this:

stating that 33% of those sampled favour Socialism. Great, i thought. However, the numbers are easily unpicked as socialism is not defined, but rather "understood as the opposite of capitalism".
Well, it's a start at least. And when going into the details it seems people favour good lefty things like redistribution, egalitarianism, and greater democracy. Now, democracy and the left don't always go together (x-ref New Labour for example).
But it's good to see anyways

Thursday, 16 April 2009


The IPL have now added a new 15 minutes of advert breaks into their matches:

I hate adverts at the best of times, so this has just driven me up the bloomin wall. I know that football has considered having a mid-half advert break but luckily sense prevailed. But honestly, ffs (as the kids say)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Real issues in politics shock!

Now Ian Dale and his chums are made up about McBride, which gives them some nice time off from their calling for tax cuts for the rich, cracking down on nurses and teachers, bringing back hunting etc.
Kevin Maguire, you beauty once again:

Let's see some focus on REAL issues, like jobs and policies for dealing with the recession, not back slapping and holier-than-thou blogging

Kevin Maguire

Kevin Maguire, you beauty:

Glad someone has the balls to stand up and fight those whiter than white critics.
Blood Ian bloody Dale

Ian Dale

What a bloody idiot. I know he's got to make the most of all he can, but what a childish little idiot.
He's gone too far with his smug gloating, but i suppose that's pretty much all he's good for.
For a Tory to go down in my estimation takes some doing due to the low starting point, but he's headed south at a rate of knots

Tax 'justice'

Justice is a very emotive issue. On a slightly philosophical bent, what is justice?
Unfortunately I have a job so can’t spend my days pondering this question.
In a very roundabout way, I’m talking about this:
Now being a big ol’ (bearded) lefty, I like tax rises. I think a big state is sexy, that’s why I’m a lefty after all. SOO, we have ourselves a very unpopular Labour government and a financial recession which is arguably the most terrible thing since ever.
How about indulging in a nice bit of rich-bashing tax rises?
If this poll referred to above is accurate, then Labour could show that it hasn’t run out of ideas and is sticking to some of the lefty basics that it has left behind to the extent that its core vote is deserting it.
Now, I’d like to see some (maybe fiscally neutral) measures which would, for example, remove those on minimum wage from direct taxation. I’d like to see a budget where the poor pay less tax and the rich pay more. Now it would be very difficult to ensure that this was indeed fiscally neutral as you never quite know how much tax changes will raise until after.

Simplifying the tax system including unifying all the bands, income tax, NI etc., yes.
A top rate of tax, yes.
A new tax on bonuses, yes.
Action of evasion and avoidance and all of that, yes.
Better enforcement of the current tax laws and tightening of loopholes, yes.

So, when in doubt, tax the rich. I am the Bearded Socialist, and I approve of this sentiment.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Recession spending

Very, very interesting piece by Seumas Milne on spending in a recession:

I agree (but then i would) that this is a cracking, once in a lifetime opportunity to take the country on a good old lefty Government spending spree. I agree that you can't cut your way out of a recession, but you can spend your way out.
some good investments in housing, technology and job creation would do the world of good. I'm not in favour of the taxes on jobs going up at the moment, but taxes on income and wealth are all good. this is also a chance to put into place a more redistributive tax system. ideally with a move from indirect to direct taxation.

it's all about the investment. In tough times companies that invest do MUCH better than companies that cut everything back, so how business people who know this fact can complain about government spending in times like this leaves me feeling a bit sad actually. But they tend to be Tories, so what can ya do? Pity and fear them i suppose

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Any excuse to attack the Tories. And very good points made in today's FT:

Dan Hannan calling the NHS a huge socialist mistake or words to that effect is a big thing as it leaves the Tories in a bind. Do they support it? Do they oppose its current state? Do they propose anything else, or just a little trim off the edges? I have no idea, but then i wouldn't.

Inheritance tax. Tax cuts for the rich doesn't always go down well, and if Labour can highlight it enough then....what? well, nothing most likely. No one will care and it will get through and we'll ALL (diclaimer: very loose definition of 'all') suffer so that the richest can benefit. So much for their opposition to taxes on jobs, the priority is to cut taxes on inheritance. And there seems nothing to be done to stop it.

George Osbourne attacking teachers and nurses living "an age of excess" oh dear oh dear. Let's hope that gets out there so that, erm, well nothing. Again. see above.

Also, i include this below in case the internet buggers up again and i can't post it:

"Even Parliamentary candidates feel frustration with the Labour Party from time to time. I cannot pretend that everything we have done in Government has met with my approval, but the reason why I am out campaigning every week is because there is a bigger picture here.

Any party that purports to represent the majority of people in this country has to be a broad church. The Labour Party is a coalition of like-minded people with similar ideals. This inevitably means that compromises have to be reached, and there will be policies that do not leave everyone contented.

You should still be voting Labour because we are still the party that believes in cooperation, fairness, and a society where you are valued for what you do not who your parents were or how much you have stashed in a bank. We are the party that forged and supported all the radical legislation over the last century. We are the party of the NHS, equality, the minimum wage, job creation. We are not a perfect Government, although that is our aim."

Julian Lane, you beauty

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


A very good piece today totalling up the costs to the UK taxpayer of illegal drugs:

I personally am all in favour of legalising drugs because:
the dealers are the biggest problem, not the takers or the tokers. Take the dealers out of the loop and there is a big problem solved in itself.

quality can be assured and set by the gov.

tax! tax the drugs, money goes into the treasury rather than a dealer

pisses off the Daily Mail - reason enough.

drink is a problem, so maybe a more balanced approach to getting intoxicated is needed. Afterall, who ever saw two stoners fight or attack a shop window after a night out?
also, the revenue from the drugs could then be put back into tackling the problem, rather than trying to push it ever further underground

Monday, 6 April 2009

Corruption in politics

Corrupt politicians is very much the current news thing. So is ranting and raving against them. What we really need is a clean-up politics movement within the Labour party to try and expose and end the corrupt practices on all sides.
The danger is that the anti-corruption movement will be captured by someone else, from BNP to SWP to someone else, who will be able to hover up votes from people who believe that all politicians are all on the take. There are a great many politicians (yes, even Tories) who are in politics because they want to change the world, make it a better place etc. and are not corrupt individuals. However, being as the story of the moment is corruption, all politicians are being tarred with the same brush.
as a result we have lots of these Free Politics from Corruption! groups springing up from the margins, but what about those from WITHIN the parties?
Labour are getting attacked at the moment, and probably rightly so. The other parties aren't, but this is not a partisan post (for once). SO, where are our cheerleaders against corruption? Where is our movement to clean up politics, at very least the public perception.
A successful campaign of this order would do us all a great deal of good

Friday, 3 April 2009


Due to the following:
i am sorry to see the under-use of 'wank' compared to other words.

Tax Payers Alliance

What a bunch of bastards:

very good piece on them. TPA are one of my least favourite institutions/groups/meeting of (evil) minds.


Robert Peston, you beauty:

let's make banking boring, all in favour of that. Collapse of the Anglo-Saxon model to be replaced by a more Franco-Germanic style with more state and less free markets. Good stuff, like it. Also the positive reception by many is positive. there are plently of doom and gloom merchants who can't stand anything to be good, but let's at least hope that this goes well and maybe we can have a better, more regulated capitalism going foward


I was thinking of something. Can you think of any covers that are better than the original?
I can think of Isolation by Joy Division covered by Therapy? and Summer Night City by Abba covered by Therion.
In the Gadda da vida by Slayer is pretty cool too.

Message ends

Thursday, 2 April 2009


Props also to the band Bad Sex, the best thing since good sex.
And they've dedicated a song to me, can't be bad.

G20 Protests and MCC XI

Firstly, thank you to all the G20 protestors for letting me stay in bed for an extra hour.

Second, much props to this guy

Well done to the peaceful protestors, good on ya. nice one etc.

Then, i'm very interested in the make-up of the MCC XI in their match against the Champion County. Let's hope Vaughan makes more runs than Key as i don't think he will ever succeed at Test level. Doesn't move his feet enough and needs a second chance too often. Case in point his 221 against West Indies when Gayle dropped him on about 12.
Good to see Chris Woakes included