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Saturday, 3 April 2010

BBC - Nick Robinson's New slog: A political three-card trick‏

Very interesting. Sounds like a trick indeed. One that the Tories have been trying to pull for years, and probably something every opposition does.
Talk of 'efficiency savings' is largely waft, and Ozzy's turn around is quite remarkable. Last week he denounced the savings as fiction, this week he's based his budget on them. That's one hell of a difference in a week.
And the reason is that the words are very politically alluring to voters. Want the services you get now but with tax cuts too? Vote for us and we'll give you the same service as lower cost.
If only it was as easy as all that.
Sure, there are areas where less money could be spend with negligible damage to services, but these are largely fantasies drawn up by politicians around elections to fund their impossible promises.
I preferred his narrative from the last conference: 'it's all shit and we're all fucked' is a lot more honest

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