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Saturday, 21 August 2010

David Miliband's party

Judging by this, i never want to go to one of David Miliband's parties.
The thing is, the bloke seems to have the personality of a calculator. He's a brilliant policy geek, just like a (pun intended) rich-man's, clean-shaven, not-socialist Bearded Socialist.
I am a policy geek, oh yes i am. But i bet my parties are more fun than David Miliband's. Which is probably why he'll lead the Labour party and I won't.

I'm getting really narcoleptic about the leadership election actually. For a start they're too young.

David Miliband is too slimy, arrogant and dull for me as a leader. i think he's a poor man's Tony Blair.

Ed Miliband is not any where the finished article for me. i know a lot of people who's opinion i respect are going for him, but i thought he was very patchy and inconsistent on the Guardian politics podcast i listen to and that's a fair reflection i think. Sure, he's young and has time on his side, but we are election the person we think should be able to be prime minister tomorrow.

Ed Balls is brilliant but a rough bruiser. he's probably my personal favourite but i think he'd be a poor leader, he's more a behind the scenes man due to his personality and sytle. abrasive to say the least. a friend of mine described him as 'gordon brown' without the good bits and i think the puplic at large would take to Balls about as well as Gordy.

Andy Burnham is too young. he's got potential but hasn't been able to stamp his authority on the race. definately a talent, and should be in and around this batch, maybe in ten years time he will have grown into his potential.

Diane Abbott "is arguably the most left-leaning of all the candidates, but her lacklustre pitch so far has mainly consisted of repeatedly pointing out that her opponents are all Caucasian men." Sums her up perfectly


Julian Ware-Lane said...

Have you made your mind up as to who you will vote for? Go on, give us your 1, 2, 3.

Bearded Socialist said...

sorry for the late reply.
at the moment:
1) Ed Balls
2) Ed Miliband
3) Andy Burnham
4) David Miliband
5) Me

Julian Ware-Lane said...

I will look out for your name on the ballot paper! ;-)