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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Lansley ready to accept 'significant changes' to NHS reforms

and another thing...

Lansley has been keen to say that he will accept these 'substantial changes' but keeps very quiet about what they will be.

personally, i am not against more diversification of providers in theory. i think as long as the treatment is delivered then i don't really care who does the delivering, my worry on this is a longer term one as highlighted by the financial difficulties companies are facing at the moment, so care providers might not have the money to carry out their services. if that's case, they may need a bail out or subsidy. if there is a profit, they should have no recourse to government money as pumping public money into private pockets is wrong (banks).
therefore, charities fine, public sector fine, but a private company would have to show they could profit without the need for state bail out or subsidy.

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