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Friday, 24 July 2009

Internet poster in 'saying something sensible' shock

Good work:
BishopBurt's profile picture BishopBurt

24 Jul 09, 1:14pm (about 1 hour ago)

People have such short memories. I'm 31, but I can still remember well that depressing years of Tory control, year on year cuts in teachers and nurses' pay, dismantling industry and w/c jobs, inflating the economy with cheap credit .... the British people seem like they're ready to vote the tories in, but surely you've only got to take a quick look at them to realise they don't have a clue what they stand for, and within a week of their election Britain will lose its international credibility.

It is the height of simple-mindedness to blame GB for everything wrong with this country, but day in day out the media encourage this view. The view that GB has all the levers of their personal lives under his direct control (and he should be thus blamed for anything they're not happy about) beggars belief! Wake Up!

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