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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Gay bashing

Typical bloody Daily Mail. This article is nothing more than gay-bashing and it's disgusting. Why should people being open with their sexuality be so disturbing?
"having spoken to many youngsters about this, I'm coming to the worrying conclusion that Katy Perry's song I Kissed A Girl...increasingly represents the experience of a generation of girls who are happy and relaxed about public, same-sex sexual experimentation."

Why is this so worrying eh? Disgusting.
Typical Daily Mail in that the author is worried about the middle and upper classes becoming infected with this relaxed approach to their sexuality.

"'We know it's the kind of thing that would shock adults, so we enjoy doing it.'

Well, there's no doubt that adults, and particularly the parents of teenage girls, will be disturbed, to say the least. "

Anything which pisses off the Daily Mail is ok by me (within reason).

People should be free to do as they wish without fear that their sexuality will be seen as 'wrong'. If they are 'experimenting' then let them.

"One church notice board carried the slogan: 'I kissed a girl - and went straight to hell."
This made my laugh out loud.

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