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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Pre-Budget report 09/12/09

Not too much he could have done really.
I'd prefer that the tax rises came in sooner, ideally straight away. I realise the problems inherent in this, but i do think that a balance between economic growth and deficit reduction should be sought.
I'd prefer more economic management, and less political mudslinging on both sides. Osborne is a joke.
The deficit is a problem, but it's only the managing the debt it that's a real problem.
The better off are going to pay more, that's good. I'd rather a 50p on £100k right now and taking everyone on or under NMW out of tax and a re-balancing in the middle, but that may be a bit too much.
The tax on bankers is good, and very clever. And Peston's analysis is positive, that the money could be spent instead, that'd be good.
I don't entirely buy the capital flight thing. Angela Knight is there to stick up for bankers, and she's going on about how they'll all bugger off. For a start, go where? Also, London is the main financial capital for it's quality, not it's tax levels. We need to focus on that, and invest to grow our way forward

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