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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Technology in sport

"For the Spin, sport is richer for the mistakes of the umpires and
referees, so long as they are trying their best to give the right
decision. What would the losers moan about, or the pundits talk
about, or the fans rail against, if not the mistakes of the
officials? But this is an argument that looks as though it has
already been lost, the irony being that, so far, technology has not
actually quietened the rumpus.

No, now this system is here, one thing is clear. The ICC must take the
power of referral out of the players' hands and put it into those of
the umpires. That, perversely, was one of the many things that Allen
Stanford managed to get right that the game's governors have got
wrong. If the aim is to aid the umpire, they should have control over
the process, calling on it as and when they need it. It should be a
stick to prop them up, not a rod to beat their backs. Otherwise, as
Benson has shown, you are only making the job harder."

I'd go along with that. We need technology to get rid of the shockers, but otherwise no

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