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Thursday, 20 May 2010

BBC News - Chancellor George Osborne promises business tax reform‏

So far we've had employers being excused from a National Insurance rise which will be played by employees and a corporation tax rise.
To be fair, they have (or at least proposed to) raise capital gains tax so that it's in line with income tax, which I agree with.

""Our aim is to create the most competitive corporate tax regime in the G20, while protecting manufacturing industries"."
'most competitive' means lowest


James Bloodworth said...

It feels like we're in the calm before the storm. The tories will use "deficit reduction" as a mandate to cut and privatise everything within site. On the whole the Liberal Democrats will remain silent; although Vince Cable will resign (and possibly cross the floor) within three years.

But on the whole things are going to get very bad indeed.

Bearded Socialist said...

exactly, let's hope some of them discover their backbone. it seems many more Tory policies will be implemented than Lib Dem ones