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Saturday, 8 May 2010

a tory government

over the last couple of days i've found myself in the odd position of thinking we should have a Tory government.
they won the most votes, they won the most seats. They should be the government, end of.

getting more devious, it could work out quite well for Labour as the anti-Tory or leftist vote they currently share with the Lib Dems may be more concentrated on Labour after 4 years of a Lib Dem / Tory coalition government, either explicit or implicit.

Can't help but feel Cameron and Clegg are two peas from the same pod though


Julian Ware-Lane said...

As you are aware, our current system gives government to the party that can command a majority in the House of Commons. This is not necessarily the party with the most votes, or even the party with most seats. If Gordon Brown can cobble together an alliance of progressives with sufficient numbers then this is as legitimate as any other.

I should also add that I campaign for a fairer voting system - but this general election was fought under the FPTP system.

Bearded Socialist said...

i think people went to the polls to choose the party which should govern, as such i feel that our party has been removed from power.
in addition, the maths is that us and the Lib Dems would not have a majority and would be relying on numerous minority parties, while the Tories and the Lib Dems would have a majority. I believe that us hanging on to power is using the letter of the law to defeat the spirit.

we have been defeated and should make way with grace and gather ourselves together so that we are ready, able and mandated to take over if and when the coalition falls apart.

i certainly agree that the time is now to reform.
i'd go for the 2nd preference system (is it AV?) as i think the winning candidate should have 50% of the vote