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Sunday, 6 June 2010

goverment cuts

Cameron has outlined what he thinks needs to be reduced: massive welfare bills", public sector pay and "the bureaucracy .
no change there then

i recently lost my job due to the recruitment freeze, and judging by the above the Tories are still the same old Tories so i'm not too hopeful for much help


James said...

I wanted Labour to win too but we do need to tackle this deficit one way or another, don't you agree? However, I am sceptical of the coalition planning these debt reduction plans but have not said how they are going to encourage growth in the economy and reduce unemployment.

Bearded Socialist said...

i absolutely agree that cutting the deficit is a big priority. My worry is that there will be people who find themselves in a position like me - unemployed due to the cuts and therefore receiving dole rather than contributing through paying tax.
economic growth is also the best way to reduce the deficit