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Friday, 11 June 2010

Daily Mail Reader: world cup too full of foreigners

"Wouldn't it be great if TV coverage of the World Cup was limited to England's games, those of hosts South Africa and of the tournament's 'big guns'.
"Then we would be spared the ordeal of having to sit through a match between Bongo Bongoland and the Former Soviet Republic of Bulimia and other meaningless events.
"Mike Phelps
"Yeovil, Somerset"


James Bloodworth said...

Absurd, yet strangely unsurprising - one wonders what he would prefer: the usual tv schedule of DIY and property shows ad nauseum?

I personally like football so am somewhat biased, but compared to the usual television schedules this surely is quite the deliverance.

I wonder if any North Koreans will defect...

Bearded Socialist said...

i don't really care about what Daily Mail readers think of Bongo Bongoland's innovative use of the sweeper system, but i believe their match against the Beliumium Republic will be a very good watch for all of us who enjoy football and the world cup and aren't blinded to the joys of life because some of them happen to be foreign