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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Express on gay asylum

the Daily Express response is disgusting:
so start going on about a judge saying "they must be free to go to Kylie concerts and drink multi-coloured cocktails, judge says" is disgusting

"Of course homosexuals across the globe should be able to live free from persecution but their right to do so should not take precedence in British law over the right of the British people not to have their country overrun by foreigners."


James Bloodworth said...

Fucking disgrace. I hoped the Daily Express would have gone under by now. It must still fill a gap in the market as a nastier Daily Mail for those "above the station" of the red-top reading classes.

Bearded Socialist said...

yeah, can't say i'm too big a fan of all the homophobia and xenophobia

Julian Ware-Lane said...

You seem almost surprised by the Daily Express's tone - I would have been surprised if they made anything resembling a reasonable comment.

Bearded Socialist said...

fair point sadly