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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Cable says tuition fees rise is 'on the right lines'‏

Once again, when the tough decisions are needed the Lib Dems have rolled over to have their tummies tickled in the face of power. The speed with which they have abandoned just about everything they stood for at the election is really staggering. They give two-faced turn coats a bad name.

and when Cable announced it, "No-one in his party stood up to protest".

I personally think fees should be scrapped and replaced by funding through the direct tax system, the only way to make it fair.
I think the introduction of competition is the worst thing when coupled with fees as those who are poorer or looking to get less-highly paid jobs may see the better option as going somewhere cheaper and accepting a cut-price education rather than fulfilling their potential, while those who can afford a better education will get one, squeezing out more able but less wealthy competitors, for that is what students are to become to each other.
Perhaps not surprising that selective education based on wealth is the favoured route given the backgrounds of Clegg, Cameron, Osborne etc.

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