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Monday, 4 October 2010

some thoughts on economics

right, i oppose the Tories' economic policy.
how would i fund my alternatives, is what it comes down to.
1) windfall tax on banks and financial services
2) NI cut
3) income tax rise at the top

people must be in work, the deficit will go down if the economy grows. the structural deficit needs to go, but a huge part of the whole is due to bailing out the banks who should really pay it back.

i'd like some thoughts on this, but i won't hold my breath


Robert Brown said...

It is quite hard to generalise like that really.

I massively disagree with what they have done on VAT for example.

I think an alternative has to be more than two or three ideas. I think to make it credible it has to be quite detailed, specific and honest. I think this is to some extent where our electoral failure came from.

Bearded Socialist said...

i'd love a proper debate on this, it just seemed unlikely. i was musing more than anything.
i'd forgotten about VAT, i'm with you there