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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The most inspirational woman in the world... Cheryl bloody Cole!
I have to get all Daily Mail and say that this really is what's wrong with this country at the moment. What has she done to be so inspirational? Wear clothes, be on TV and release some songs, the lyrics for which she is 'consulted' on. Rubbish!


Frans said...

With you 100%. It is however not just "whats wrong with this country" but what is wrong with the bloody world? Us likeminded fellows do not understand how a singer can be regarded as you say "The most inspirational woman in the world.." just because she can sing? For heaven sake's, i can drink, dance (especially after a few) and sing (i am especially great in the shower or after a few). That does not mean i can inspire people (i will probably piss people off rather), that does not mean i can guide goverments (mind you with the current South African goverment i might be able to), that i know everything about everything..
For heaven sake's why do people make these stars out to be everything that knows everything when a lot of them are druggies, cheating husbands, cheating wifes, with a hell of a lot more issues than most ordinary people like us. Just because they can really only sing well?

Bearded Socialist said...

and for how they look, which seems to be the most important bit of all