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Thursday, 9 December 2010

tuition fees today

i have to write something i suppose.
i personally think tuition fees should be funded through the general taxation system rather than fees or a graduate tax and it's a shame that no-one in the mainstream seems to hold this opinion. oddly, the only one single person i've heard agree with me is Richard Grayson, a Lib Dem and my old uni tutor.


Rana said...

someone else agrees with you :)

though I also think access to university and progress through university should be far more restrictive based on strictly academic criteria.

Frans said...

I agree share your view as well as with Rana - It should be subsidized by the Gov.. and entry better controlled so that taxpayers get a better ROI (Return on Investment rather than some students wasting ultimately tax payers money).

Bearded Socialist said...

i could go along with that, just so long as ability to pay is not a factor