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Saturday, 14 May 2011

MP demands details of deal to let Goldman Sachs avoid tax

something sounds a little odd here.
I'm very willing to take a pragmatic stance here and listen to the Treasury's reasoning, but it would be nice to be able to hear the Treasury's reasoning:

"Umunna said Goldman avoided £10.8m in unpaid tax when the case was dropped last year. The satirical magazine Private Eye, which has written extensively about the case, claims to have seen documents that show HMRC boss Dave Hartnett failed to follow standard guidelines applied to other tax disputes when he settled the dispute with Goldman.

Umunna said: "It is clearly in the public interest for HMRC to put more information into the public domain in relation to the Goldman Sachs case and settlement."

"The lack of disclosure in the long-running dispute with the US investment bank meant there was a danger the public would think there was "one rule for some companies and another for individual taxpayers", said Labour MP Chuka Umunna."

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