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Monday, 23 May 2011


Good evening,

And now, for the ranting.

Firstly, footballers shagging and getting super-injunctions. I don't care. The right to celebrity gossip is not a fundamental human right.

Secondly, Jedward.
They do nothing. They contribute nothing. They don't write, play or sing, yet they are star acts. that's what's wrong with this country today, the two above outrages (more may follow)

1 comment:

Rana said...

Super-injunctions. You should care. It's the method by which the rich and powerful suppress the news they don't ant to hear. Celebrities stopping kiss-and-tell is the tip of the iceberg, though actually I think any slapper has the perfect right to kiss and tell so long as that's the truth. But it's always the rich guy with something to hide who takes out the injunction. Or the rich firm like Trafigura or some other massive corporate seeking to suppress any bad publicity.

So jedward don't outrage me at all.