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Monday, 30 March 2009

Catch up since the weekend

First of all is the Adam Smith Institute.
What useless, blind, dogmatic idiots they are. Although, to be honest they may just be trying to disprove another of Gordon Brown's claims: that free market fundamentalism had learnt the error of its ways and ended. Then along comes the Adam Smith Institute. Just when I, amoung others, thought that free markets had maybe had some important, maybe decisive, role in the current global economic crisis, there they are stating that the problem has been TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT and that the market should be allowed to run itself. Yeah, great job its done so far. idiots.

I really hope that Jacqui Smith's husband was watching Who's Nailin Palin? That would amuse me.

Well done to Jenson Button, looks like he finally has a car befitting his talent. Well done to Lewis Hamilton for a Schumaker-esq drive, coming from 18th to 3rd, top class.

Cricket, didn't England do well yesterday. I was worried when Strauss expressed his hope that after winning the toss and bowling they would restrict the West Indies when I thought they should go for the throat. To be fair, they did and reaped the hansom rewards for doing so.

that is all. for now

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