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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

rubbish rock

the above got me thinking about rock n roll in the UK.
To me, Reading Festival has been an indie festival since about 2004, which is why i havne't been. The line-up is PANTS. And apparently Funeral For a Friend are metal. No, they are emo. How can you tell? They cry alot. So do their fans. Pants.

so, on to Download, hailed above as the Rock Festival. Def Leppard? Limp Bizkit? LIMP FUCKING BIZKIT?!? I think they are shit. Wank. Fucking bloody terrible. I never liked them at 14, now at 24 they annoy me with their mere existence.
Anyway, so this is a rock festival is it? Hmm?

Blood Stock - Blind Guardian, Girlschool, Turisas, APOCALYPTICA.
no further questions, i rest my case

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bad Sex are more rock than Fred Durst cock (very small)