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Thursday, 19 March 2009

A fourth term

Prospects for a fourth Labour term at the moment are pretty poor. But there is hope. I was talking to a friend of mine last night who thinks that people voting against us are likely to give the Tories two terms, while people voting FOR the Tories are more likely to get us back in after one term out. I find all the very interesting as I would have likely said the other way around. It certainly gives us something to work with.
I worry about the election after this one, if we win this one we may end up out for a LONG time, and if Cameron doesn't win the Tories may shift back to the right and when the next election comes around it will be 97 in reverse but with a party somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan, as the saying goes.
The thing being that at the moment, the rightist free-market dogma has failed and this could well be a new era for leftist intervention, and we're the only ones who can push that agenda. This is where we can both renew ourselves and outflank the Tories, provided that we can make the arguement for it. I personally don't see it coming from the Tories, even if Cameron wanted to his supporters (both personal and party) are unlikely to support it. Some may, probably will, but i doubt in great enough numbers to outweigh those who still call for free markets and fiscal conservatism.
Labour has the opportunity to splash cash in a way they have only dreamt about since probably 1983, while the Tories don't want to talk too much about the economy other than to blame Brown. After all, they were saying one thing before this broke and the total opposite now. I don't believe Cameron has pulled his party that far to the centre to put this into a coherent policy strategy that can properly promote the regulation of markets, but we shall see.

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