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Sunday, 7 November 2010

What happened to essential books?

What a horrible, jumped up, superior, elitist wanker this bloke is.
So people must read, but can't enjoy books. Rather, books are a list to be ticked off, handed down on high from Oxford, at the end of which the lower orders may be allowed to consider that they have touched enlightenment.
How he can not for a moment consider the likes of Wells, Orwell or Huxley on there goes against my taste, but considering he's just put a list on there shows how narrow his definition of literature is.
Maybe I just like other things mate.

1 comment:

Red Mike said...

I agree with you there. In fact I'd go further, I can stand the pompous attitudes some artiste commentators have, Ultimately the nature and content of a book or any form of media doesn't really matter if for whatever reason it had a special connection to you personally.