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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

World Cup 2018 bid

From the Fiver:
"as last night's Panorama expose revealed, Fifa demands that World Cup host nations do not trouble the global governing body with tiresome tax levies. ZERO PER CENT, that will be Fifa's contribution to the state coffers in return for using British infrastructure to stage their increasingly degraded event.

And, in this time of cut-backs and sackings and smug two-finger gestures from fat cats, your government has not only agreed to these terms but has dispatched their top banana to Switzerland to plead "pick me, pick me, pick me!" like some giddy floozy on American's Next Top Model. The Dutch government told Fifa to stick their demands right up their flabby posteriors the joint Dutch-Belgian bid has suffered but at least their integrity is intact. The British establishment, by contrast, lacks the bottle to do likewise, or perhaps just doesn't think there's anything wrong with big business sh@fting the little guy. After all, it's not as if we're not all in this together."

brilliant, couldn't put in any better myself

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