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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The death of rock | Sam Leith

"Who are the iconic rock fans in popular culture? They are Beavis and Butthead, Bill and Ted, Wayne and Garth, and Jack Black's character in School of Rock" that, I think, says more about the bloke writing the article than about the genre of music.

Now, I don't think rock is dead, and having someone from the guardian talk about it is not a good way to breath life into it. But I go to gigs and festivals, and it's very much alive and thrashing.
And if it's not in the singles charts, and paul gamberchini thinks it's dead? Well, I couldn't give a shit


Paul Garrard said...

Well said that man!

Bearded Socialist said...

thanks, good to know i still have at least one person occasionally looking at this blog