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Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Speaker: Bercow's boundaries | Editorial
"Some, like Lady Boothroyd, regret his informality of dress"
I personally see that as a positive. I personally think all the pomp and ceremony of parliament really detracts from the work it does.

"It would not be hard to be better than Speaker Martin - but Speaker Bercow has made a consistently positive difference to the standing and work of the Commons. He is a reformer at a time when a reformer has been needed. He is a good communicator."
I agree with these. I think he's pretty decent, and the fact that Nadine Dorries hates his guts means he's probably doing something right. Aside from the enemy of my enemy being my friend, I think he's doing well and making a stand on issues that are important.

"On what subjects should a Speaker be heard if not on the role and credibility of the chamber he chairs?"
Can't argue with that

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