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Monday, 31 January 2011


I'm just listening to the Guardian politics podcast and they went from talking to the economy to talking civil liberties. in all honesty, the economy is far more important. at the end of the day, i care about having a job and a decent standard of living far more than the civil rights of suspected terrorists. i would imagine most people are the same.
with growth stallling and inflation rising i'm worried about my job, i'm worried about my medium to long term prospects too and the idea of getting blown up doesn't help on that.
as someone who thinks terrorism is a terrible thing i'm not entirely sympathetic even though i'm a big believer in personal freedom and liberty


Julian Ware-Lane said...

Why can't we have a healthy economy and civil rights? One does not prevent the other.

I agree that job creation is crucial, but I also believe that our freedoms are very important. I do not agree with detention withoput trial, etc, although I do support ID cards.

Bearded Socialist said...

i totally agree that they are not mutually exclusive, indeed they often go hand in hand. i was trying to get across priorities, apologies if i failed. in the limited time available to the pod people i would have prefered more about the economy. also, when i'm worried about not having a job in two weeks the human rights of suspected terrorists are not high on my list, especially counting in other factors like price rises and the like.

i'm against detention without trial, i think the evidence should be presented but i'm willing to change my mind based on evidence. i have too much faith in the political establishment to think that there is a authoritarian nightmare motivating these moves but i feel like i can only speculate until i'm really there with the decision to make

Chris said...

What about trade union rights? At times when people's budgets are squeezed they may be likely to leave the union and not care about union rights. I would argue that creating a priority list when times are bad plays into reactionary hands and ultimatley it is workers who lose out.

Fight for civil liberties all the wime!!