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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

doing the coalitions bidding

Sadly, for the first time today i saw, i'm sure well-meaning people, taking the heat of the government and blaming innocents for the government's cuts.
there has been a lot of noise around New Cross recently about the possible closure of the library. Now, i've spoken to a mate who is on the council and the situation is that the government has handed down cuts of around 25%. as a result, the council MUST look at ALL and ANY possibilities to make the necessary savings. So i blame the central government for cuts to the budget. but there is a banner near my house accusing the local mayor personally of trying to close the library, no mention of anyone else.
this to me is taking the heat off the government and placing it on innocents, and to me that's not right. it is, after all, the central government's fault for their cuts, not the local council's for having to make the decisions on the front line.
and round here the banner is far more likely to have been put up by the socialist party than anyone further right. if that's the case, it's Socialists defending the Tories (and tory Lib Dems) and attacking Labour. wouldn't surprise me, to be fair, but they are missing their target whoever they are


Doug said...

Your proof-less, insulting and idiotic remarks about the Socialist Party come as no surprise from someone with a prominently displayed union jack on his blog. Bearded Socialist? Bearded Tit, more like.

Bearded Socialist said...

are socialism and patriotism mutually exclusive to you?