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Thursday, 2 September 2010

William Hague and his advisor

On his sexuality, I don't care.
On him possibly having an affair, i don't care.
I him possibly using public funds to have an affair, that's would be a problem if true.
On his sharing a room with another man. i don't care, and i don't see why anyone else thinks it so unreasonable.
I've shared rooms with other men, i've even shared beds with other men without having sex with them or anything like it. i'm really shocked people think two men can share a room without getting it on. i think that's the strangest part of this story.

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Elizannie said...

Plenty of hetero couples share hotel rooms and don't have sex so why do we assume if two men share a room they must have had sex? Like you I don't care and have written about here: