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Thursday, 23 September 2010

racist fans and well washed hands

i've heard Peter Odemwingie left Russia because of the racism of the fans. after he left, Lokomotiv Moscow displayed this banner:

to my eye, the banana looks like a racist 'monkey' thing. BUT, cultural differences: In Russia 'to get a banana' means 'to fail a test somewhere'.

Odemwingie spoke in depth about the banana banner claiming that a minority of fans had been involved but alleged that black players are regularly subjected to insults in the Russian league and that the authorities did not act.

"Coloured players feel the open racism there and I recall a game against CSKA Moscow when their fans started the sick noises - I wouldn't have any of it and gave it back to them," said Odemwingie.

UEFA have refused to get involved because it's a domestic matter. The Russians say it's not racist. who's right, who's wrong?

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