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Friday, 3 September 2010

Labour Party Leadership

according to Vote Match I should go for Dianne Abbott. But I won't. Of all the five she's the only one i would never consider voting for.
policy shouldn't be that important in the leadership contest. we are five years out from a general election probably, and the party should have a role in setting policy. we need character, philosophy and who will best beat the tories.
on some of those that horrible David Miliband is improving with me. i don't agree with him on some things, and think he's not a very nice person, and not nearly personable enough to take the fight to Cameron on Cameron's own terms, but he's got a good chance of beating the tories.
ed miliband is good too, and i respect lots of the people who have backed him.
ed balls is a heavy weight, but too brusing and better behind the scenes.
andy burnham is good but too young and a bit lightweight, maybe next time.
round and round and round i go.


Paul Garrard said...

"policy shouldn't be that important in the leadership contest" - I fear that has been the problem of late, in my humble opinion policy should be everything.

Bearded Socialist said...

but it shouldn't be decided by one person and handed down from on high 5 years before the election