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Friday, 1 May 2009

Conservative Local Election Fraud

Difficult to find, wasn't on the guardian site and i haven't look on the Tory press for obvious reasons, but some tories have been naughty.
Basically, they committed some pretty damning electoral fraud and have got sentanced.
Now, I was appalled by Iain Dale's gloating over Draper, and well, everything. I think the man's a right dick, in addition to being a right-ist dick (much as I'd love to call him right wing, that's just stupid). BUT, as someone who likes to stand up for politicians, it's a real shame that those who would remove as much of the state as possible and let the market run wild and free have another feather in their caps.
I think its a shame, and no worse than any other sector of socity, which in itself is sad. But that's people I suppose

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