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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Electoral reform

Electoral reform. Two words almost guarenteed to bore the crap out of anyone who hears them.
But electoral reform is the big cheese to be sniffed at all round just at the moment. All the leaders are falling over themselves to reform the entire way everything about democracy works.

I remember talking to Chris Bryant about this. The poor lad was a part of trying to reform the whole thing, and said that the problem stemmed from the fact that no-one cares about constitutional reform. People care about the health service, schools, immigration etc., but not the power of MPs to select the members of a select committee and so nothing gets done.
On top of this apathy is the fact that the people involved have benefited from things being as they are, so they are much less likely to reform the system that they've done well from.

Maybe the current mood will allow some more force to get behind the change, but i'm not so sure. i think people will get easily bored by some of the facts of this case and just concentrate on clamping down on expenses.
I also get the feeling that Cameron's reforms will amount to little more than the freedom to do as he wishes

I would like:
Independent select committees selected by MPs with real power to ammend legislation, with the ability to get outside evidence
the timetable set independently of government to give power to Parliament
some form of PR in the constituencies
fixed term parliaments
local authority control over ALL public services
written constitution more tories?
ok, maybe a bit over the top. maybe

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