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Wednesday, 6 May 2009


There has been some debate about Pietersen batting at three.
While I haven't seen the delivery, Aggers said it was straight and full.
That's why I wouldn't have him at three, he would keep getting out for 0


Rana said...

I haven't seen it either - I watch IPL you know ;)

But the TMS consensus seemed to be that Pietersen got an absolute jaffa, heading down leg, very late swing to off, a stupendous catch behind ... whereas Bopara also got a jaffa first ball but wasn't good enough to get any bat at all on it. Since then he's had a couple of other lives too.

Now while any "Indian" living in Essex with the initials RB is going to get my support, I still don't see him as a long-term number three. But he's still hanging in there ...

Bearded Socialist said...

The consensus was that it was good, but Aggers was less sure. If he got a jaffer, fair play. I remember him getting a golden against Pakistan playing way too expansively too early. That and the fact that he often gets out to stupid shots means he's not my choice at number three.

On Bopara, i'm very surprised at him playing at three. To me he doesn't have the technique to play straight and do the job at 3, he's highly rated by some very good judges. If they can get him to play straight and responsibly then maybe he can succeed