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Monday, 18 May 2009

Labour's prospects

Polly Toynbee has written that only Alan Johnson can save Labour, with his biggest asset being the fact that he's not Gordon Brown. It's a real shame that so much stall is put my polls, with Toynbee really only saying that Brown is unpopular in the polls and therefore needs to go.
Johnson can replace Brown as no one can think of anyone else.
He's a bit right, but hey, why not? Gordy is leading us into oblivion. I've said before that he should stay for the sake of staying, but i'm not convinced, and that's its own problem.
I had a very interesting chat with a friend who used to work in No. 10 about Gordy's inability to macro manage but obsession with the micro, and that's a big part of his problem.
Should he stay or should he go? In a democracy, looks like he should go. He should have gone to the country when he took over, but bottled it and has only got worse since then

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