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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

ALLISON PEARSON: Why I admire this brave mother who killed her ME daughter

Very odd. This woman attempts to be both caring and heartless in the same article. She has picked one case of assisted suicide and made it ok, but condemned all others. I'm always uneasy when a mail writer attempts to show compassion, it's a scam.
ME is a terrible and debilitating illness that robs people of their lives and goes unrecognised by official bodies and people who should know better. Having to take your own daughter's life must be a horrible thing. But I feel very uneasy about the way the author uses this in an emotive way, trying to play up the emotion rather than down.

How she can go from one topic to another doesn't sit well. She attempts to be all heart warming and kind in the first article, then flippant and dumb in the next. They may well have been written a time apart, but it suggests a lack of honesty.

I very much disagree with her on the veil. She, like most Mail people, believe in their own freedom, and the freedom of a few select people to do the same as them. Other people they tend to dislike very strongly and want to revoke their freedom at the drop of a hat. Someone wants to choose to do something 'Christian'? Good on them, not enough of that, country going to hell in a hand basket etc. etc. etc. someone wants to do something 'Muslim'? Terrible! Too much of that! country to hell in hand basket/the dogs etc. etc. etc.
To her and her like, freedom goes all the way to the end of their nose.

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