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Friday, 15 January 2010

Peers question Lord Adonis in new Lords session‏

A good idea me thinks.
To me, the most important bits are the last couple of paragraphs (but not the very last one):
"A Lords spokesman said the innovation was designed to allow "people with real expertise" to question ministers.

Among other innovations being considered to improve Parliamentary scrutiny of government are plans to allow cabinet ministers who sit in the Lords to be questioned by MPs in the Commons."

On the former, there may be a role for select committees in the involvement of outside experts.

All cabinet ministers should face questions, be they lords or mortals. It would probably be preferable if all the cabinet were drawn from the commons, but there is the issue of expertise (and political expediency - see one P Mandelson). So they must be scrutinised and held to account, and if Lords and MPs can't do this in the one chamber, there must be another way found to do it.

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