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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Too much cricket?

If a man is rested from Test matches, there is a problem. Tests are the highest and best form of the game and must remain so. Strauss being rested shows there is too much being played, so much so that it’s lowering the standard. Fast bowling is becoming a lost art which is a key sign of the dropping standards of cricket.

I love test matches and don’t much care for the limited-overs rubbish, but I would like those Test matches to be of the highest standard, which I don’t think they are at the moment.

There should be less cricket, far less limited overs cricket, and no back-to-back test matches.

I’d also love to get access from cricket across the world, which is something Sky does well but I’d love the BBC to do too.


Paul Garrard said...

I fear, as far as I'm concerned, any cricket is too much! But then the same applies with any sport.

Bearded Socialist said...


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