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Thursday, 7 January 2010

cricket and blog

One of the reasons I'd like to get more people to read my blog is that i'd like a good discussion.
On cricket, i think the amount of cricket played has contributed to the lack of real quality bowlers around at the minute.

On music, i'm listening to Opeth at the moment. They're one of those bands i've always felt that i should get into, but i don't like the death growly bits.

On tv, i'm making an effort to get into Battlestar Gallactica through my Love Film account.

On politics, I think we (Labour) are stuffed and that's a bad thing for the country. I'm getting a bit tired of the petty name-calling that goes on around politics but i'm getting less angry and more accepting of the crappier sides of politics because they're just part of how people are. 'Of the people' remember.
I'm not sure how much competence really comes into it because of the civil service, though there are examples of where this counts e.g. financial crisis.
Would a more consensual approach work better? Or would be become mired in time wasting and grid lock like America?
I know i still stand for Labour and my own brand of (bearded) socialism, so i haven't lost heart just yet

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