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Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Just read an interesting piece from the Sun about BNP support, then looked at the discussion bit below and came across this gem:

Come on...let's be honest with ourselves...for the most part immigrants aren't 'stealing' anyone's job who actually wants or can get one. To the bloke in this story who says that he isn't prepared to work for the minimum wage...well, guess what, wants to work for the minimum wage whether you are British, Polish, African or Martian...BUT if you haven't got a job then, maybe, just maybe you should consider it instead of sitting around on your back-side and crying about other people taking 'our jobs'. A pathetic attitide. Stop crying and do something constructive to help yourself for a change.

And to anyone foolish enough to vote for the BNP - please realise that they are manipulating you. If they ever got into power once they had finished 'dealing' with the immigrants then, as sure as night follows day, they would start 'dealing' with everyone who's left - this is how fascism works - and make no mistake, a BNP government would be a fascist government. Think about it.

The bit about not wanting to work and blaming the immigrants for it is disgusting, how stupid can you be?

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