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Monday, 22 June 2009

Young Politicians

Just listen to three PPCs debating on Richard Bacon and i was not impressed with the three of them. They all sounded 20 at the oldest, in voice and manner. They sounded like these flat-pack MFI-mass-produced types who lack personality and charisma because they might be mavericks then.
One (Labour) pointed out one crucial thing the others missed: Bacon criticised them for attacking each other and squabbling. The Labour guy then pointed out that he told them to attack each other before the show, then let it go. Shows sharp thinking but perhaps a weakness of personality to not emphasise it. Also, they seemed to lack the understanding to articulate that each of them have very strong beliefs which cause them to disagree, loudly. Lastly, they couldn't explain that politics can be very boring, and add some details about what is important to people e.g. poor roads, overgrown hedges etc.

I know i've got an ego, but surely I could do better than that?!

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