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Monday, 22 June 2009

Words from the Blogosphere

The blogosphere is an interesting place. Due to my work I have to keep my blog anonymous, which is a shame. And these are cautionary words for anyone writing overt or covert blogs.

The George Galloway Vs Chatham House piece shows some potentially very interesting and important statistics. According to Georgous George, the poll was free and fair and all should abide by it's ruling. According to Chatham House, in some places turnout was over 100% (no Gordon Brown jokes please). In other places, the numbers are dubious at best, like all SWP supporters suddenly voting Tory in huge droves.

Also, I've now heard Mark Steele do the same Galloway joke four times. FOUR TIMES! Get a new joke, you SWP, erm, joke?


Darren said...

I take it Mark Steele is no relation to the comedian Mark Steel who used to be a member of the SWP?

PS - what was the joke, btw?

Bearded Socialist said...

pedant. Mr Steel then.

The joke is long and about how he addresses callers to his show like he was addressing a million-strong rally

Darren said...

I've never been a fan of the SWP, but I like Mark Steel's books. If you've never read it, you might enjoy his Reasons To Be Cheerful.

With regards to where Steel is now politically, this recent interview brings things up to speed:

Interview with Mark Steel

Bearded Socialist said...

I can't stand the SWP, and i've never agreed with Steel's politics. He's certainly funny and it's good to have a lefty comedian out there, so i used to be very sympathetic to him.
I'll try to catch up with that book, could be interesting