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Tuesday, 23 June 2009


I've never had a problem with the idea of PFI. If the private sector can get the tax-payer a better deal, then i'm all in favour.

The main reason behind PFI is to get borrowing 'off balance sheet', which is a shame. According to File On 4 on radio 4, many contracts are not open to public scrutiny and I don't like that.

While media should not take the place of the Parliament in holding Government to account, something like this should be addressed by a minister. I don't know whether this topic and detail has been covered in Parliament, but I certainly hope so. The BBC programme should have looked into this, but I suppose that doesn't make such a good story.

The thing is state, private sector and media all come out of this (programme) looking both good and bad. I think a pragmatic, evidence-based and more open and transparent process is what's needed

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