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Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Bloody hell.
First, Alistair Darling. I'm a fan. I think he's a level-headed, chilled and dependable minister. I've got great faith in Darling, despite Brown's meddling in the treasury.
To see him being hounded out is pretty sad, as he's doing a pretty good job all told.

I'm a fan of Ed Balls, so I wouldn't really mind him taking over. But not when Darling is doing ok, and he's a bit young.
On Today this morning they reported the Daily Mail calling him a 'a middle-class-hating Socialist zealot'. What a load of bollocks.

Then Cameron was on Today talking about expenses. He was asked what he plans for 'reasonable' expenses were, how he would define them. He said that it was what a reasonable person would believe reasonable, and would be no more committal than that. What bollocks, talk about having no conviction. He is talking some good talk about reform and some good things, but then he goes and lets himself down by not backing up his grand words, typical of the man

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