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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Fabian lecture with David Miliband

I went along to another Fabian event last night.
I was not happy by just how posh they all were. I felt, and sounded, like the only one there who hadn't been privately educated then through the usual Oxbridge channels.
This is what I mean aboiut glory hunters, people who want power but don't really know why they want it.
No wonder people are pissed off and alienated. Those people have their own agenda, which tends to be their own fulfilment, while anyone else can go hang.
These are LABOUR people, and yet because of the entrencement of the political class, even someone like me who is university educated, has a masters, is too common to get a response from them.
This is also my problem with having too many administrators and too few politicians - people who are moved by their own career more than by any great sense of politics. Too few who are scared to loose power because that's all they're interested in


Darren said...

Hasn't the Fabian Society always been like this?

Bearded Socialist said...

Probably, which is a problem in itself