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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Nadine Dorries

Do I hate Nadine Dorries? Oh yes I do!
Why? Because she's one of these people who thinks that anyone who disagrees with her is 'unfair'. Example of John Bercow. Reading about how she was allegedly given an easy ride on Today, I looked up her blog. Her opposition to Bercow is due to his wife being a lefty, and him disagreeing with her over abortion, means that she has "grave concerns regarding his neutrality on certain issues."
All that means is that she disagrees with her. Typical.

Later in her attack on him, for it is nothing more than an attack, she states that her attempts to stop abortions "was widely reported in both the media and reflected in various polls, the majority of doctors and the general public were right behind us." Lies. Not true. I worked for an MP when this was being debated, and many scientific and medical groups were begging and pleading that the limit not be changed. it was ONLY regilious groups who wanted the limit reduced.

She considers Mr Bercow to have "strident zealot views" on abortion. I think she has. The difference is, she's an MP and people read her blog. And i'm right, of course.

A doctor, who may know a thing or two about abortion, although he's probably a zealot for criticising Dorries, attacks her here for her views on sex education and abortion.

If nothing else, I hope Labour wins the next election to keep the likes of her out of government. SHE IS MENTAL

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Anonymous said...

I find her quite irritating too.