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Friday, 5 February 2010

Angry Portsmouth supporters beg for help | Portsmouth - Times Online‏

Five representatives of angry Portsmouth fans will walk into the Premier League's luxurious offices in London today looking for answers as to why their club has become football's financial basket case.

Well, because they spent too much money. We see the same thing at Southend, the fans all call for the board to spend all this money which we clearly don't have. It's up to the board to tell the fans to fuck off when they start getting silly.
The fit and proper persons test is weak to say the least. I used to think it was just a matter of 'do you have lots of money?', but now half the new owners appear to be broke so even that doesn't stand up. I mean, anything that considers Thaksin Shinawatra a 'fit and proper person' is pathetic.
So who's fault, at the end of the day? Portsmouth's. The Premier League certainly played a part, but it's Portsmouth where the blame lies. Well, their owners and their fans (to a lesser extent). Fans call for the earth, it's the board's job to make sure they (or we, as in supporters generally) don't get what we can't afford.

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